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At KCCU Wealth Solutions we strive to provide you with access to educational materials to further enhance your financial literacy.

New content will be added on a regular basis to ensure you have the tools necessary to assist with your financial needs within this ever-changing world.RRSP

Episode #94 - RRSP Discussion - what you need to know

Estate Planning

The Year in review

Year end Planning 2022

Financial Literacy Month

Recession 101

Wills and POAs

Rising interest rates

Back to School

Market Volatility



Family Cottage

Tax time

Fraud Awareness

Russian-Ukraine impact

The Pros and Cons of DIY Investing

Stock Market Correction

New Year's Financial Resolutions

Don't Look Back, Look Forward


Year end Tax Planning

Real estate, a hot topic

Inflation, inflation, inflation

Prepare for Volatility - Part 2

Prepare for volatility - Part 1

Accessing emergency funds

Saving for the future


The Meme Phenomenon

your pension

How much do I need to retire?

The time to discuss insurance is now!

The Good, the bad and the ugly

Tax time

March is Fraud Awareness Month

Crowd Psychology

Market Euphoria

2021 New Year's Financial Resolutions

The Year in Review

Year end Tax Planning

Year end Tax Tips from Credential

Financial Literacy Month

The US election

The Throne Speech

Covid-19 race for the cure

Back to school  in a pandemic

The Family Cottage

stock rebound

emergency funds

Gold - an investment for uncertain times?

The Cycle of Investor Emotions

Life Insurance benefits

market moves

emergency government relief

Q1 2020 market update

Coronavirus and the markets - update

Coronavirus and the Markets

Tax season information

Health, Epidemics and the Market

Don't miss the RRSP deadline

Market Overview for 2020

Year-end Tax Advice

Financial Literacy Basics

Ethical Investing

Diversification and Volatility

The family cottage

Back to School and RESP's

Navigating Market Volatility

Use Segregated Funds to Simplify Estate Planning

Financial Independence Retire Early

Mortgage Insurance vs. Term Insurance

Personal budgeting

Investor Psychology

Invest often - Invest Early

2018 Market review

Tax Planning

fees and commissions

Charitable Giving

Market pullback

Market Recap 3Q 2018

Gas vs. Crude Oil Prices

Exchange-Traded Funds - Part 2

Exchange-Traded Funds - Part 1

Tax time - helpful information

Socially Responsible Investment

Market Volatility

The Importance of Insurance

Retirement Planning

All about RESPs

What is bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Go debt vs. Bad Debt

Mortgage Insurance vs. Life Insurance


Making a financial plan


Congratulatory Message on the Official Opening of KCCU Wealth Solutions Nov 27, 2017 from Mark Gerretsen, MP

Dwayne Henne (KCCU Wealth Solutions) on Global TV News - November 13, 2017

Article in SPOTLIGHT Magazine "Don't Outlive your Money" by Dwayne Henne (Oct 27, 2017)

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